Mattress Clearance Center of Northern Michigan


The owner of Mattress Clearance Center of Northern Michigan (a.k.a. MCC) reached out to us on Facebook about building her a website for her business.

We created her a site that would generate calls and leads from contact forms.

After launch, her appointment inquiries quadrupled and her sales increased by 2.5X.


The owner of the MCC was having difficulty establishing her brand authority online. She’d been an entrepreneur for over 20 years but this new business was proving difficult.

Sales were decent but her online marketing efforts were falling flat.

In Facebook groups, people would even question her legitimacy as a business!

Juli needed a way to showcase her business and generate more calls.


MCC had a branding problem so we started by going through the StoryBrand framework.

One of the big mistakes a lot of business’s make when it comes to their branding is making it all about themselves. The customer should be the focus. They are the hero of the story. This is where StoryBrand comes in. It gives a formula for putting the customer’s needs front and center in our branding.

We positioned MCC as the “everyman’s sleep experts” that were here to help you sleep better.

As an added bonus, MCC was able to do it for cheaper than the other guys due to their wholesale pricing.

Appealing to the everyman required us to be careful in our choice of content. We didn’t want to appear too cheap nor too luxurious.

We used a mix of stock images and real life photos of the MCC showroom. We wanted to illustrate what the customer’s bedroom could look like.

We focused the copywriting on helping the customer sleep better. As well as how it wouldn’t break the bank.

Throughout the design, we included many CTAs that the customer could click and call Juli.

We also added in a contact form so people could request a callback from Juli.

dribbble shot of Mattress Clearance Center of Northern Michigan website


After launch, MCC’s business has taken off. Inquiries have quadrupled and sales have more than doubled.

Before her website, Juli’s sales averaged around 15k per month. Now those sale have increased to 40k!

Final Thoughts:

A website is your business’s most important marketing asset.

Without a website, you can struggle to build credibility online limiting your growth.

With a proper design, your website will tirelessly promote your business. 24/7/365.

It’s that important.

So now a question for you…

Is your website getting you the results you’d like?

If you feel like you’re leaving money on the table, let’s chat!

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