on the eDge tapas case study. Site designed by Grant Kennedy

On The eDge Tapas

How We Helped A Chef Stand Out In A Competitive Market

Their Challenge

Chef Darlene Kappheim came to us looking for website for her new restaurant. She needed up communicating her creativity as well as standing out as a newcomer in a small but competitive downtown location.

Our Solution

Chef Darlene, known to her friends as Dee, is a well-respected chef in Northern Michigan known her creativity and amazing flavors. We created a modern and responsive website using WordPress that spoke to customers who were looking for new, bold tastes that were different than other restaurants in the area. We also added the ability to make reservations online which would help automate some of the restaurant processes as Chef Dee hired staff.

In order to stand out quickly and gain traction in Google, we also implemented a local SEO strategy to get her ranking fast.

Concept & Design

In order to help On The eDge stand out amongst the competition, we had to really highlight chef Dee’s personality, vision, and creativity. We decided to go with a clean, minimalist design that put the visitor’s focus on the images. We did this by keeping colors to a minimum with the exception of a bright green that we used in buttons. We chose green because it gives the impression of freshnessWe also narrowed down our copy to speak to a specific customer persona: the bold individualist.

On The eDge Tapas homepage hero section. Designed by Grant Kennedy


Chef Dee was thrilled with her website, which is one of our top success metrics, but she was also really happy with the results. Within the first month, her site was getting good traffic from Google and her reservation book was filling up. That first month she pulled in over $2000 from reservations alone. That’s more than 100% ROI for the cost of her site… in ONE MONTH.

Before you go, answer these three questions:

Does your website help you get more business?
Does your website save you time and/or money?
Does your website make running your business easier?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, there’s a good chance you’re leaving money on the table when it comes to your online presence. Contact us today to see if we can make your website start working for you.

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