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Scouts and Services United

How We Brought An Immigration Consultancy To Life

Their Challenge:

Scouts and Services came to us because they needed help designing a website for their Japanese immigration consultancy. They needed help visually communicating their services to potential customers, an easy content management system, and a way to convert and onboard customers.

Our Solution:

The founders of Scouts and Services are long-term expats in Japan and wanted to create a service that helps newcomers to Japan overcome many of the cultural and financial hurdles faced by expats. They needed a website with a blog as a central hub for information and lead generation. They also needed a new logo as the one they had didn’t represent their brand well.

scouts and services project mood board

Concept & Design

The guys behind Scouts and Services were full of passion and ideas but they needed a way to focus that energy into something visual. After discussing their company at length, we put together a mood board. A mood board is a collection of colors, images, webpages, and anything else that helps give a designer and client inspiration. After assembling the mood board, we sent it over to our clients to look over and give us feedback.

The elements that really resonated with our clients were bold hero images and a classic ribbon layout. We needed colors that gave off a professional vibe while not being too stuffy. Premium yet approachable. We also needed the brand to be specific to Tokyo. We ended up choosing the brand colors after sampling colors from pictures of Tokyo.

The next step in the design process was wire framing. Wire framing is where we flesh out the structure of a webpage using primarily geometric shapes and neutral colors. This helps us focus on how we’re going to present the data to the user.

The final step in our design process was applying the color palette, images, fonts, and all those little tricks that really make a design pop.

But there was a problem…

old scouts and services united logo
new scouts and services logo. Designed by Grant Kennedy

The Logo

Scouts and Services had a logo created by a friend before hiring us and they did not request a new logo as part of their project. However, the client’s existing logo was not appropriate for the design we agreed upon. In order to overcome this issue, we did two things. First, we used our magical design ninja skills to touch up the logo and convert it to a format that would scale nicely on the web (as you can see above). Next, we created a smaller and more utilitarian logo for use in the navigation bar.

Scouts wants to be both a source of information as well as a professional consultancy. Keeping this in mind, we designed a logo reminiscent of university. Professional, knowledgeable, and welcoming.

Web Design

For the Scouts and Services website, we chose to develop the site with Webflow. We chose Webflow for this project because there will be numerous people of varying technical abilities making changes to the content of the site. They needed an easy, drag-and-drop solution where they don’t need to worry about caching, security, and the other things that come building a site in WordPress. Webflow is also more SEO-friendly compared with other visual web editors like Wix or Squarespace.


Scouts and Services United got a brand new website and logo to aid in their branding as they grow as a company.

Scope of Work:

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